Thursday, July 29, 2010

1st & 2nd week summary.

1st week

*When talk about management, we must consider this 4 comman activities (1)Planning(2)Lead(3)Organize(4)Control. with this 4 comman activities we will came out with a good management activity.

The application of knowledge,tools,techniques to project activities.

1-Time 2- Cost 3- Quality 4-Scope 5-Communication 6- Human Resources 7- Procument

8- Risk 9- Integration

Stakeholder = Person who has an interest in the project

eg: 1- Project Owner 2- Project Manager

* Triple Constraint(3C)

The best management in any project is, the quality of project must be in ideal condition. The time,scope, and cost of any project must be balance, if not we will compromise with the quality of project( either in good quality or not )

2nd weak

*Tools and Technique.
learn the right technique to thinking. when think not only data we anlyze but all the posible we can(kaji yang tersurat dan tersirat).

*Project Life Cycle (PLC)
PLC must have start and end.
eg: When the project is started, and when the project will end.

there 4 phase in PLC:-
1- Initiating( Project Mula)
- Project feasibility,project initiating/kick off document
- Gantt Chart (GC), Work Breakdown Structure (WBS),schedules and Task List. GC & WBS very imporant in planning
- Task List,Issues List, buy list, deliverable.
- Close Out document, Customer Satisfaction Assesment.

*Output Vs Deliverable
Deliverable is subset to output.

eg: buat kek
Output= sebiji kek.
Deliverable= untuk buat kek, kita kene beli tepung, pukul telur, bakar kek dan sebagainya. jadi setiap aktiviti2 ini perlu di siapkan untuk menyiapkan dan hasilkan kek. Maka, aktiviti yang siap ini boleh dipanggil sebagai deliverable. contohnya,selesai membeli tepung, selesai memukul telur dan selesai membakar kek.


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